The Best Way To Throw A Destination Wedding On A Budget

When it comes to destination weddings there are some things you should know. For instance you can’t just get married wherever you please in the UK, but you can in the U.S. There are massive, yet simple, rules to the destination wedding game and we’ve got a comprehensive list of all the best do’s and don’ts, tips and tricks you might need to know to gear up for your bid day abroad!

The Best Thing About Destination Weddings
You’ll save loads of money, when you send your guests to do their own thing and turn it into an Immediate Honeymoon.  You’ll save even more money on reception venues, especially if you celebrate your big day in a restaurant and organize a family style meal with the manager or owner.  The backdrop alone is better than decor, so be sure to pick something that is epic in scenery and you won’t have to decorate all that much!

The Do’s For Every Destination Wedding
Look up passport and visa information for every destination country as each has a specific set of rules for every visiting citizen. You could be required to arrange a travel visa before entering the country for a specified amount of time. Check out destination wedding/elopement packages. Most can help organize an officiant to be at the venue and can often offer floral and photographer services, as well as other amenities.

The Don’t List For Destination Weddings
Don’t just assume you can arrive and get married. Each country has licensing rules and regulations. Don’t worry we’ll highlight them below, but do research your destination of choice to be sure you dot all your “i’s” and cross your “t’s”. Don’t get discouraged when it comes to a destination wedding. It can be a lot more simple to plan than you think. Make a checklist of all things destination including bridal party wear and what you might need travel accessory wise.

How To Pick A Destination
When it comes to choosing a place away from home for your special day, be sure to choose a place you both love as a couple. The destination should be meaningful to the both of you and totally rock your travel personality as a couple. Check out specialist wedding planners in the area, too. They can really help you put your perfect day together over facetime and email as if you were right there with them. Many people are deterred from destination weddings because of the cost of how do you get them on the cheap? Fly with Southwest! They give you affordable prices on flights, as well as two checked bags. That’s pretty awesome when you need to pack loads of wedding wear and shoes! If you click the link above you can also download free promo codes for up to 70% off flights. You can’t go wrong with Southwest! You’ll get to your wedding for less and be able to spend more on your reception and say ‘I do’ in style.